CONDUIRA stands for "DRIVE" in French.

It was generally believed that only intelligent people rule the world. However, today it has categorically been proven that intelligence by itself does not lead to success and prosperity. People with limited intelligence but with a burning desire to achieve, and an enthusiasm to persevere, have succeeded and reached the higher echelons of society. This passionate attitude is the "DRIVE" that we believe in.

We at Conduira, believe that with a DRIVE, one can AIM at ambitious goals, IDENTIFY the gaps in oneself to reach such goals, EQUIP oneself with the SKILLS required to bridge the GAP and finally FULFILL ones DREAMS.



We enable one to achieve the best in the field of their choice by being the best informed, best trained and best motivated with a drive towards excellence and be the ORGANIZATION for every individual / corporate that would ENABLE, through VARIOUS LEVELS OF EDUCATION, to achieve one's career growth and AIM in life.


To be the first CHOICE for any INDIVIDUAL / CORPORTE who seeks TRAINING / GUIDANCE for any COURSE related to CAREER IMPROVEMENT.


 We Provide

     the correct and updated information
     the best infrastructure – physical and human resource
     the best and latest technological support
     innovative curriculum

 We Encourage

     Entrepreneurial Skills
     Quest for Self Improvement



Ground Floor 2, Vaibhav Enclave, Plot No. 83