Taking the test and applying to universities abroad can become a demanding and a time consuming task for any student. Thus as a student you need to familiarize yourself with admission procedures of various foreign universities. The following documents form an integral part of the admission process in most of the foreign universities:

Application Form:

The application form captures the basic information about the student along with his/her resume. In most cases, the admission process and filling the application form is an online event these days. Care must be taken, in case a university asks to fill departmental forms separately. Along with the application form, the university also asks at times, to upload the resume.

Transcripts/Marks Sheet:

Two sets of Xerox copies of all the transcripts/reports of under graduation, 10+2 and also 10th class are to be submitted. Also, the transcripts must be duly attested and sent in sealed envelopes. However, many universities these days are asking for the upload of the scanned documents for the initial processing. In such cases, the originals are to be submitted at a later date.


Most of the universities require the students to appear for standardized tests like GRE, the scores of which have to be sent directly to the universities you intend to apply for. All you have to do is that at the time of GRE registration, mark all the university codes to which you want to send your GRE score card. Also apart from GRE score some universities also require the students to submit either TOEFL or IELTS scores along with the GRE score.

Statement of Purpose (SOP):

SOP forms one of the most integral part of any application. Applicants must provide a short admission essay which humanizes the application form. The academic capability and the achievements are mostly known from the GPA’s and test scores and also with projects/publications. But still, how you interpret those achievements is not known to the university without a SOP. Hence SOP puts a “face’ to your application. Any SOP must contain work experience, academic achievements, career objectives/goals and most importantly how the graduate program selected by you will help you in attaining these goals.

Recommendation letters:

Three sets of sealed recommendation letters to be acquired from people directly involved with your academic, professional or leadership experience. The letters are to be sent along with the application form to the respective universities. Now a days, the recommendation letters are sought in an online format where the professor is sent the details to be filled and the professor can then provide the recommendation on-line.


A Xerox copy of the passport also needs to be sent which will be used as an Id for identification.

Financial Documents:

The financial documents include Statement of Financial Responsibility and Bank Statements. An affidavit showing sufficient resources to cover two years of educational and living expenses. Along with the affidavit, original bank statements verifying account balances are to be sent along with the application form.

Application Fees:

Demand draft of the application fee or if you are applying online the payment has to be done through credit card. Please note that no application form will be processed unless the application fee is paid.

Extra Documents:

2 passport size photographs, paper presentations, work experience certificate if any can be provided along with the application form.

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